The House system is a service – cum – training organisation. Its objectives are :-

  • To promote the welfare of the students.

  • To promote better student-teacher relationship.

  • To furnish citizenship training.

  • To encourage self-discipline.

  • To arouse greater school spirit.

  • To impart training in the skill of management and leadership.

Each house is headed by a House Master and House Captain (a student). Houses shall perform the following duties in rotation.

  • To manage the Morning Assembly.

  • To write the three news concerning international, national and sports events and also thought for the day on the blackboards meant for the purpose.

  • To deliver the thought in the form of a short speech in assembly.

  • To check the late comers and mark them in the late comers register.

  • To help maintain order during the recess period.

  • To look after the general cleanliness of the school.

  • To check the student’s uniforms.

  • To participate enthusiastically in all inter-house contest.

  • To be proud of own house and always work for its healthy traditions.

  • To help maintain discipline on the occasion of the school functions.

  • To help the school authorities in organising various school functions and making suitable arrangements for them.

  • To cotribute effectively to the beautification of the campus.